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Bespoke Bathroom Design & Fitting

Transform your bathroom with the latest features to delight you and your guests. Talk to us today to explore the range of fixtures and styles available or request a free brochure to browse in the comfort of your own home.

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Whether you are looking for a bathroom with a traditional feel or a contemporary minimalist look. Our wide range of suppliers and fixtures, coupled with our extensive design experience can make your dream bathroom a reality. We have the materials and the know-how to bring all of your ideas together to make your bathroom a sight to behold. From rainfall showers, roll top baths, his and hers sinks, heated towel rails and even underfloor heating, any feature you desire is at your fingertips to include in your bespoke design. Once designed our team will completely project manage your entire bathroom installation and your ideal bathroom could be yours sooner than you think. Get in touch with one of our designers today to start planning your sleek functional new space.

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Contemporary & Traditional Bathrooms

When considering your bathroom renovation ideas, thinking about the overall feel is essential to achieving your forever state of relaxation. Whether you are planning a small bathroom remodel or large, deciding between a contemporary or traditional theme is key to making your space feel like home. Contemporary interior design offers crisp lines and sleek finishes for a modern, “expensive” look; whilst traditional bathroom décor provides an element of elegance and chic to a homely aesthetic. Choose between silky, fresh, and minimalist or romantic, rich, and wholesome – or maybe add a little of each for a bold twist. Whatever suits you, we have the finest quality bathroom furniture and fittings (with the best of bathroom fitters) to build your vision with precision and finesse.

Contemporary Bathrooms

Imagine a bathroom space that promotes beauty and tranquillity whilst maintaining a minimal, contemporary design.

Traditional Bathrooms

Traditional, period style and timeless aesthetics offer decadence and suave to wash away the day in style.

Contemporary Bathroom Fitters
Contemporary Bathroom Installation
Traditional Bathroom Fitters
Traditional Bathroom Installation

Contemporary Bathrooms

Imagine a bathroom space that promotes beauty and tranquillity whilst maintaining a minimal, contemporary design.

Bespoke Modern Bathroom
Bespoke Contemporary Bathroom

Traditional Bathrooms

Traditional, period style and timeless aesthetics offer decadence and suave to wash away the day in style.

Traditional Bathroom Roll Top Bath
Bespoke Traditional Bathroom

Soak it Up

Freestanding, Corner & Roll Top Baths

Plunge into escapism with our selection of baths designed for you to relax and indulge in. Find the perfect bath from many styles, all accommodating to different spaces and materials. Firstly, consider the space available to you before deciding on your shape as this will heavily influence the style. Whether you choose a free-standing statement piece or a functional alcove, a quality bathtub is a must-have for anyone who soaks as a daily reset or occasional treat.

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Make it Rain

Rainfall, Waterfall & Traditional Showers

Immerse in a serene sensation with a rainfall shower. Rainfall shower heads provide an all-encompassing overhead shower that feels like nature’s droplets. Our range of fixed heads, arms, and complete sets give you the ability to enjoy this luxury no matter the layout. And why not add some accessories for that tropical vibe? Bring a jet, a seat, a waterfall filler, or any of our shower accessories to your bathroom and transform it into the paradise you deserve.

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Get Creative

Bathroom Floor & Wall Tiling

Tiling a bathroom and decoration are the key elements of imprinting your personality in the space. Make your bathroom transformation truly reflect you so you feel comfortable and peaceful when enjoying some ‘me time’. This could be bold coloured paint with a small pop contrast of patterned tiles; a completely tiled bathroom that tones and embodies your theme; or maybe just an eye-catching tiled floor with neutral wall paint. Whatever your vision, we provide an exciting array of patterns, colours, sizes, and shapes of tiles fitted by our team of highly trained and experienced tilers. For tile inspiration and bathroom ideas, get in touch or visit our showroom and we would be delighted to guide you through your options.

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Bathroom Tiling Northampton
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Bespoke Bathroom Design

The Unseen Hero

Underfloor Heating

With underfloor heating you can be sure to maintain your sense of calm and serenity after the pamper session concludes. The toasty glow from below is a subtle yet important feature to include within a bathroom renovation and truly feels like a blessing with every step.

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